David Coale Discusses Texas Supreme Court ERCOT Ruling

The Supreme Court of Texas recently avoided ruling on an immunity case involving the Electric Reliability Council of Texas also known as ERCOT. LPHS appellate partner David Coale provided insight to Texas Lawbook, Law360 and the Houston Chronicle. “It’s no accident that this ruling came out soon after the recent winter storm,” he said. “This case involves a different immunity issue than liability for the power grid problems, but a […]

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David Coale Discusses the Significance of March 4 to KLIF News & Information in the Morning

March 4 is the day, for those who support Qnon, that former President Trump will take back the Oval Office. LPHS David Coale explains to KLIF News & Information in the Morning how this theory came to be and if there should be a concern. “There’s a lot of people out there that swap emails about this. Q took a big hit after the inauguration because the spokesman went away and […]

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