570 KLIF News Talks to David Coale on Antitrust Lawsuit against Google

Google is facing a landmark lawsuit from the federal government and state attorneys general over claims the company engaged in antitrust practices that controlled the Internet search and advertising space. LPHS appellate partner David Coale talked to KLIF Morning News about the case. “When you get through the first several pages of the complaint and get to what they are complaining about, what they are really talking about is Google’s practices of where if you want to get their operating systems you have to put Chrome above other browsers and that kind of thing. That gets into some areas of antitrust law — exclusive dealing arrangements — and that can become a problem because they can keep the next company from entering the market, and so you are not just competing fair and square with other people. The argument goes you are knocking other people out before they have a chance to get in and compete with you.”  

Listen to the interview by clicking on the link above.