David Coale Discusses the Significance of March 4 to KLIF News & Information in the Morning

March 4 is the day, for those who support Qnon, that former President Trump will take back the Oval Office. LPHS David Coale explains to KLIF News & Information in the Morning how this theory came to be and if there should be a concern. “There’s a lot of people out there that swap emails about this. Q took a big hit after the inauguration because the spokesman went away and the storm didn’t happen, so there is a big credibility loss. A lot of true believers kind of doubled down and it only takes a handful of people that are really committed to cause a lot of trouble. So, I think they perceived there was a lot of chatter out there on social media and thought discretion was the better part of valor let’s just hold off for business and keep an eye on things.”  

Listen to the rest of David’s interview here.