David Coale on KDFW FOX 4 Dallas and KLIF Radio on Reopening Texas

As the state of Texas begins the process of reopening some businesses, the public seems confused on which orders to follow among the directive from the state, counties and cities. The firm’s David Coale spoke to KDFW FOX 4 to discuss state and local government conflicts after the City of Colleyville announced a less-restrictive plan for businesses to reopen than announced by the state. “In six months if somebody’s going to sue you for doing something in violation of the law, we’ll look back at what the law was at that time,” said Mr. Coale. “If you complied with the local law, but not the state, you probably want to be in compliance with the state.”  

Mr. Coale also discussed who has authority in the state regarding all of the orders to KLIF Radio Morning News

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