Eric Pinker Featured as Attorney of the Month in Attorney at Law Magazine

LPHS managing partner, Eric Pinker, has been recognized as the Attorney of the Month for June 2020 in the latest issue of Attorney at Law Magazine. Pinker became the firm’s managing partner in 2000 and has worked to provide the LPHS team with enough freedom and compelling incentives to inspire company growth and success. 

“In founding the firm we really focused on creating a collegial environment, a place where people enjoy being together, a place where we have a group of attorneys with similar practice areas, clients, stresses, goals and challenges, and probably most important, a feeling of shared commitment to each other. I think that’s missing from a lot of big firms today,” Pinker tells Attorney at Law Magazine

Pinker thrives in a competitive atmosphere and continues to pursue challenging activities outside of the office. He believes in an ongoing commitment to help his clients succeed and practices similar disciplines in his personal life through mountain biking and snow skiing. 

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