Fox4News: Coale Says City Ban on Airbnb-type Rentals Likely Ends Up in Court

While a “regulatory taking” proposal before the Dallas City Council would eliminate about 95 percent of the short-term rentals currently operating in the city, the firm’s David Coale told Fox4News that courts give a lot of latitude to local governments when it comes to zoning and land use issues.

“The city here will say, ‘we are doing what cities always do,’ which is have regulations about where and how you can do certain things in the interest of safety, a good economic environment,” explained Coale.

He says city council members will have to decide what is best for residents, knowing a judge may make the ultimate decision years later. “We are a representative government, if everyone is complaining about this, we have to represent our constituents. We do the best we can, and face the fact that litigation is coming.”

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