Mike Lynn Featured in The Texas Lawbook on Preparation for the Virus Wars

LPCH founder, Mike Lynn, is published in the Texas Lawbook about future litigation preparation for the upcoming cases that will need quick decisions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lynn explains that his past experience as a trial lawyer during the 1980’s Texas banking crisis has shaped his career and helped build LPCH’s strong foundation. Lynn highlights that LPCH is different from other litigation firms and that he is confident in the firm’s seasoned lawyers. 

“And we start from an extraordinary intellectual foundation, because for years, unique among any firm in Texas or for that matter the nation, our firm’s blogs have reviewed and tracked every business-law case from the Dallas Court of Appeals and the U.S. Fifth Circuit. We are actively mining those years of data for the cases and ideas that will control how these issues play out in court,” said Lynn. 

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